In addition to all the other benefits, studies show that dairy compost actually has a broader range of nutrients than many commercial fertilizers.

As an added bonus, because of the digestive system of the cow and the heat of the composting process, weed seeds and pathogens are killed long before you receive the product. This translates into less work for you and added health for your plants.

We take great care in preparing our compost. Numerous steps are required in the composting process:

1. Manure separators squeeze the liquid out of the manure.
2. The remaining solids consist of cow manure and shavings.
3. The shavings or bedding provide the carbon once necessary to heat up the manure piles.
4. Any pathogens are killed when the manure solids reach 133 degrees for 15 days
5. The manure is frequently aerated (turned) with large loaders to encourage the composting process.
6. As the manure composts it gets darker in color and loses its distinctive odor.
7. The product can be screened for uniformity on bulk deliveries.